Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Five Years

My first-born turned FIVE yesterday.  And all of a sudden, I feel infinitely older.  How can he be FIVE?  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was still trying to figure out how to be a mom?  He has taught me many lessons in life.  He helps me notice all of the little things I've overlooked.  I know more about the ocean than I ever have, I'm learning about bugs, and all kinds of things that interest him.  He is really into nature.  Loves it.  I think he'll be my science guy. 

In the past year, he's grown 3.5 inches, but only weighs i at 36 lbs.  Tall and skinny like Dad.  Most people say he's the spitting image of his Dad.  Well, he's got a wonderful person to be taking after then.

He's very particular and will often get incredibly upset if things don't go just the way he planned them, but despite all that, Isaac has a heart of gold. He is very caring for his siblings and friends.  He won't ever leave them behind.  He loves to include them (even when they don't play his way).  I admire his curiosity about the world and I hope that never changes.  Incredibly bright, we opted to home school him this year after touring a couple of local preschools and not finding a program that we felt would challenge him.  We're currently working through kindergarten curricula with no problems at all.  I couldn't be more proud of this little boy.  I hope he always holds on to this sense of wonderment with everything around him (he'll spot a bug, on the sidewalk, while riding his bike!), and that he always asks questions.  I pray he holds on tight to this all-accepting love he has for everyone and everything, and does not become too quick to judge those that he meets in life.  Yes, he's five, and in the past five years, I've learned more about life than I ever know I could.  Thanks for making me a Mom, Isaac.  Love you to the moon and back.

Eight months

This happy girl turned 8 months on September 28!  She had a busy month.  Most notably, she grew TWO teeth.  We had a few restless nights, but she's such a trooper.  We have been working on teaching her to roll over, and she's pretty much got the concept now.  She can hold herself up on all fours for about five seconds.  She enjoys babbling, eating "grown up" style foods (purees are barely tolerable!), reading "Noah's Crew Came Two by Two" and "Peekaboo Zoo," giggles and tickles, and ripping up paper and chewing on her crinkle cupcake or anything else that she can get into her mouth.  Standing is her favorite.  If she can stand and bounce, her day has been made.  Because of that, the jumper/bouncer is one of her favorite places to be!  I think having the "stuff" around her so that her brothers don't directly bump into her is a bonus as well.  Speaking of her brothers, she really soaks in *everything* that they do. It worries me a little for when she can keep up with them!  On the plus side, she thinks they are HILARIOUS.  There is no shortage of laughter in this household.

While the diva moments are present, our little bug is, for the most part, so easy going and just sweet.  For some reason, I swear she knows when any of us need a hug or a cuddle.  She'll nuzzle her face into our necks and just make all of our cares melt away.  We are so, so, so blessed and we love E more than we can put into words.