Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Deals - 1/28/10

1. Visit this Subway site to build your own virtual sub and enter your e-mail address to get a coupon too! {Thanks Richelle!}

2. Foot Locker is having a friends and family event this weekend. You can get your 25% off coupon here, or enter code FFJA328E online.

3. Request your FREE 3-pack sample of the new Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max diaper. Valid on Friday, January 29 only. Request your sample here, select packages will be marked with a coupon for free diapers for a year.

4. Friday and Saturday only, Old Navy will be having 30% off everything in the store. Stop in!

5. The Children's Place just marked down a whole bunch of their stuff to $1.99! Flat rate shipping is $5, and you can get an extra 15% off with coupon code E79AA!

6. FREE sample of Mariani Dried Plums, here. Enter code ADSUPER to get started.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonky Grahams

You know, I haven't had a box of Golden Grahams in a really long time. So, something just screamed at me to pick this box of Golden Grahams up yesterday while doing my weekly shopping. It all made sense this morning. I must have a sticker on me that says, "Freaky food lover."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Elmo's ducks

I really love this. Our family watches it almost daily. I promise you'll be toe-tappin by the end!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Deals 1/21/10

1. FREE ConAgra coupon booklet with $17 in savings. Get yours here.

2. Kohl's has a released a 3 day shopping pass worth an additional 15% off your purchase {including sale and clearance items}. Print yours here or enter code MYJAN15 at checkout {Free shipping too!}. Valid 1/22 - 1/24.

3. Here's a coupon for $15 off your purchase at The Limited. Good until Feb. 3.

4. New York and Company has just lowered a lot of their clearance merchandise {in store and online} to $7.99. If you can scoop up a bunch of those deals, here are a couple coupons to use too: $25 off $75 with promo code 2083 or $60 off $150 with promo code 2084 OR just print your coupon here. Their premium flare jean was just voted universal best jean for every body type on the Today show.

5. FREE sample of Spongebob Square Pants Cream of Wheat instant cereal. Interesting. Get yours here.

6. Right now, when you buy 12 Krispy Kreme donuts, you'll get 12 Valentine's day cards each containing a coupon for a FREE donut. Basically, you're getting 12 FREE donuts. :) Details here.

7. Take a break with Ramada hotels. If you book before Jan. 26 and complete your stay before April 30, 2010, you will get 50% off your rates! Details here.

Helping Haiti

While I've made donations and such towards the efforts to aid Haiti, it just doesn't ever seem like it's going to be enough with the amount of devastation they are facing. Additionally, a large group of people that I work with, friends, parishioners, etc., are headed to Haiti in three weeks for their scheduled mission trip. I've been trying to help their organizer a little more with all of the things they are bringing, since there is so much more this year than in previous years. Thanks to Liz for posting about this great cause. $15 each, no tax. I didn't get free shipping, but that didn't really matter to me. I purchased one for Blake, and one for myself. They don't make-em small enough for Isaac, or he'd be wearing one too!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This one is an oldie, but a goodie!

Children's Museum

Want to know one of the best parts of being a mom? Getting to experience everything through a child's eyes. We took Isaac to the Children's Museum over the weekend, and I've never found a turtle, a fake supermarket, and some parachuting animals so exciting in my life!

This was one of his favorite exhibits of the day. The video's a little dark, but I hope you can see how excited he is about it!

Isn't his purple tractor sweet? He's already a pro - standing AND driving with one hand.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Deals 1/14/10

1. FREE Clorox Greenworks sample here.

2. FREE sample of Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer here. I'm definitely trying one of these - my hands always get so dry during the winter months, so I really try to avoid hand sanitizers. This one supposedly sanitizes and moisturizes. Nice. :)

3. FREE Uni-ball super ink pen. Supposedly helps prevent check fraud. Interesting. They only give away a certain number per day, so if they're out today, check again tomorrow!

4. Spend $20 on 3m or Post-it products and get a $10 rebate using this form. Good until June 30, 2010.

5. FREE sample of Purex 3-in-1 complete laundry sheets here.

6. Want to try the Taco Bell drive thru diet? {hahahahaha} Well, you can with this printable coupon for your FREE Fresco Taco!

7. Spin for your Skin at Dove and you could win a free 2 pack of their beauty bars. We loooove Dove soap in this house. You can spin up to 3x/day. I'll be doing that for sure! :) There are some decent printable coupons there too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Currently considering

1. Researching grad schools for a piano program


2. Getting further certification through a pastoral outlet, making me a CDMM {Certified Director of Music Ministry} - basically, a "masters" in liturgical music ministry.

I'd love a masters degree in music {piano} - it would get me back into playing what I am interested in playing, and building repertoire that is more challenging to me. Most importantly, I'd actually have the time to rehearse those things, rather than focusing on liturgical music. But, on the other hand, I feel I've found my niche in the liturgical world. If I go the route of CDMM, the process is shorter, but much more rigorous and focuses on a variety of musical outlets {directing, organ, piano, etc.}. What to do, what to do?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Black eye, part 2

Someone please tell me that every toddler gets two black eyes on the same eye within a couple of months of each other {shiner #1}, along with the normal head bumps, leg bruises, arm bruises, etc. I'm going to start putting protective padding all over this kid.

Want to know how he got his newest {now almost a week old} shiner? Bending over to pick up his ball, and thwacking his eye on the edge of a kitchen chair. And, just this morning, he ran into a wall edge and added a nice goose egg on his head, right above his black eye. Oh bother.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

15 month birthday

Our little crazy man is 15 months old today. Too bad he has a little bit of a chest cold - he wasn't feeling up to celebrating. But, we did help dad shovel some snow! I'm really loving this stage - he's usually very fun, very vocal, still cuddly, and just an all around good kid {who needs the occasional time out.} :)

AND, in the world of birthdays, congrats to Tara and Chad on the arrival of their beautiful daughter Tessa Kay! :)

Thursday Deals - 1/7/2009

1. FREE Accessory at Build-a-Bear Workshops - up to a $5 value - with this coupon. For the bear building lovers. ;)

2. FREE sample of Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Perfect for the car. Coupon here.

3. FREE calendar from Oriental Trading company full of deals and coupons too. :)

4. Request your FREE Ivan Mog gourmet apple here. I looooove candied apples and these look waaaaay delish! :)

5. Bath and Body Works is offering a FREE Signature Collection travel-sized item with any purchase until 1/27. Coupon here.

6. FREE organic hand sanitizer here. And while you're there, get your FREE organic notebook too!

7. Great Nabisco coupon here. $2/2 Crackers!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bath time sentences

Isaac has been getting bored with all of his bath toys lately. So, I finally whipped out the Jungle Waterfall we purchased eons ago. The pictures speak for themselves. I love Chingrish. {And while we're in the bath, check out Blake's water fun when you're done!}

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Very rarely, I make specific resolutions. I usually fail if I try to be too ambitious. I tend to stay in the broader category of appreciate this, have fun in life, etc. I'm trying to incorporate a mix of all of them this year. I have one big resolution I'm not inclined to share at the moment - maybe if I do well enough with it, I'll put it out there. Heck, even if I do terrible with it, I'll share. But for now, you will have to wait - I want to see what happens.

Here's the rest of them though:

1. Sell our house and move {preferably during the warmth of spring or summer}
2. Take a vacation - stateside this year. {Accomplished since 2004}
3. Get Blake a new car {so I can drive it of course!}
4. Eat at least one piece of fresh produce on a daily basis!