Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since many of you seem to think that Baby Legs are just leg warmers, let me share how awesome they are and why we love them:
1. They are so convenient!
2. Isaac loves that his legs don't feel restricted by pants, and he can play with his feet!
3. Diaper changes are a breeze!
4. They look cool.
5. Once a baby starts crawling, BL's protect their knees, while still allowing use of their feet for traction.
6. Supposedly helps with potty training. Keeps their legs warm while they run around with naked butts.
7. All the cool kids wear them!

We have multiple pairs for our little man. Here's Isaac rockin' them all {and for comparison, one picture of just his bare legs. NOW do you see why they are so cool???}:

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Love this duck robe. Remember when we made the teddy bear wear it {LOL!}? I wonder if they make anything as cool, and cute, for adults?

P.S. I need to find a good nursery rhyme book. It seems that I remember PARTS of many, but few in their entirety. Oh brother.....any ideas for good ones?

Making friends

Looks like Sophie is starting to like Isaac more! Actually, she just likes him because she eats his spit-up. Puke me. Isaac likes Sophie because he has discovered he can pull hair, and she has plenty of it. Let me tell you, Sophie is THRILLED about this. Here's a recent pic of the bond developing between our two little ones. Isn't it precious?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Someone has actually decided to start smiling more for the camera. I hope. I am so over the little game he was playing before!

Yum-o: Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies:

I made these tonight and they are so good that I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular brownies! :) I found the recipe link on some blog {I don't remember which one}, but it's also on the back of the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip cookie bag that you have to buy to make the recipe! :)

My kind of dessert: delicious, fatty, and EASY! I tried to make mine healthier than the recipe by omitting the frosting. This omission allows me to eat two at a time. ;-)

Betty sure knows what she is doing! Here's how mine turned out:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vintage coupon

My mom is definitely a collector; so much so that she has a Golden Grahams cereal coupon from 1987 {There is no expiration date, so I'm sure she'd sell you the coupon for what it is worth if you want it!}. Comes complete with vintage Chinese paper clip. :)

Little Valentine

I wish I had two Valentine's, but Blake is out of town for a seminar, so I'll be spending Valentine's day with the other man in my life. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you are spending it with people you love!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Band aid

Isaac had his four month appointment today. Here are his stats:

14 lb. 15 oz. (50%)
26.5" (90%)

I hate watching him get shots, but I'm pretty taken with the Band-aids they put over his injection sites. Isaac liked them too; that's why he only cried for about 20 seconds after he got his shots. The band-aids were too cool for him to continue crying! :) Guess I'll have to go find them for his future boo-boos.

What we have to look forward to...

Holy crap...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mim the monkey

If you are having a baby, know someone who is having a baby, or know someone who already has a baby {probably less than one-year-old}, please look into getting them this fabulous, award-winning lovey {also comes in other animals and colors}. We just received ours for Isaac. He loves it! It's small enough for him to hold, super soft, lightweight, I'm not nervous about him suffocating in it, and the knots on the ends are perfect for gumming. Bonus, it's made from organic cotton and pretty inexpensive! I like it so much I think I want one for myself. :)

Meet Mim, Isaac's monkey:

This is not a game

We have the hardest time getting Isaac to smile for the camera. Whenever he sees it he stares, then looks away and does something else, then stares, then ignores us, then looks and does something silly {like stick out his tongue} and THEN he teases us with a smile with his hands in front of his face! Anyone have anything else we can try? Here are my attempts {and proof of them}:

1. Car seat {which he hates lately}
2. Bath time {probably too relaxing}
3. Tummy time {since he has been loving it lately!}
4. Bouncy chair {his first love}
5. Floor time {toys and all!}
6. Jumper {wait, is he smiling a little in this one?!}
7. Chilling out on the couch {this one could be good...except there's that tongue, and it looks to me like he's grabbing his crotch...*sigh*}
8. Dad holding him
9. Mom holding him {self photos are back people!}
10. Snugli
11. Sling
12. Distracting him {Dad or mom off to the side acting absolutely ridiculous, book, toys, mirror - I actually caught one in the mirror, but too bad it's soooo off-center!}
13. Loads of attention from his PMB family14. Loads of attention from Grandparents

Saturday, February 7, 2009

4 months

Isaac is 4 months old today. I don't know how tall he is or what he weighs {we find out at his appointment on Wednesday}, but I do know that we love this little boy more than life itself. In lieu of showing you the pictures I took of his scratched up, bad skin, non-smiling face this morning, I'll share some precious photos from his 3 month shoot. He looks pretty much the same.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am hungry ALL THE TIME and have to have a snack before bed. (Yay for nursing!)

Instead of filling up on bad-for-me things {I had more than my fair share over the holidays...I think I am still tasting them!}, I've taken to trail mix consisting of the following:
Dried cranberries
Banana Chips
Dark Chocolate M&M's

Simply delicious and pretty filling. :)