Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful photos

I was waiting to post about this until I got some proofs sent to me from our photographer, but I can't wait anymore.

Check out Isaac's three month pics {here} and let me in on your favorites! :)

Click on Isaac 3 Months
Password: Isaac3


Dawn said...

I like IMG-2240, IMG-2257, and IMG-2296... And also the ones where he's in, like, a bucket, with a yellow blanket... And also the ones where he's peeking over your or Blake's shoulder... I don't know, they're all really good! :)

taranieland said...

I like the one in the post right below in his panther getup. Adorable and so casual! But the professional ones are great too. I'm just a fan of candid pics!

Anonymous said...

I agree that they are all great...but especially like the one where he looks like he is about to fall asleep on Blake's shoulder and the ones with him by you and Blake's feet...especially the one where he is's just so cute.