Monday, January 19, 2009

Little panther

Check out our little panther from last week:

Oh, to go back to last week. Isaac is really sick with a cold right now. He's miserable and no one in our house is getting sleep...not even the dog. She's too busy following him around hoping that he will spit up so she can lick it up...disturbing, I know. Here's proof {she is even licking her chops, that sicko!}:


Jennifer said...

Sophie is such a freak!

Lola said...

I can see Isaac saying, "And it's another Panther....FIRST DOWN!!!" already :)

And is the clock on the floor to make it easier for Sophie to tell what time it is? :)

Matt said...

Another panther in waiting!!! But a new instrument will need to be learned. Piano doesn't march well ;-)