Monday, March 30, 2009

Old school

This brings back memories. The prizes are the best!!

world traveler

As of last Friday, Isaac and I are going to....LONDON!!! I'm still in shock over the quick decision making, but the plane tickets were cheap and we need a vacation. We are super excited, but just wish daddy could come too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm not referring to Isaac...I'm referring to Grandpa. This is what he does when I'm not around. Then he asks his partner in crime, Grandma, to document it! At least they had fun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Isaac is almost as good at sitting as Sophie. He's just growing up and learning how to do things SO fast!

Can't a guy get some pizza??

Isaac is totally obsessed with watching us eat. Check it out for yourself:

Birthday Hat

Who wears it best?

Birthday Boy Wayne:

Uncle Don:

Uncle Chuck:


Older than the dirt in his garden

We threw my uncle Wayne a surprise 55th birthday party last weekend. After reading about many fabulous parties in the blog world, I was inspired to stick with a theme {Wayne is older than the dirt in his garden = Flowers in empty beans/peas/etc. cans; dirt cups; everyone brings garden-oriented gift}. It was all about garden stuff and I think everyone had a good time. Wayne was totally surprised. I kind of want to throw another party now! :) Here are some highlights:

Please notice the pendant banner that I made!! :) I'm proud of it, can you tell???

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a fan

...Of this dinnerware line from CB2. Seriously cute, and on sale! Now, how do I convince myself that "cute" is a good enough reason to justify a purchase?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

5 Months

Our little guy is growing up so fast. I can't believe how quickly 5 months passes by.

Currently, Isaac is:
1. Fussy due to what we think is teething {I'll let you know when that sucker finally comes through!}
2. Grabbing at everything {which means pulling hair, glasses, touching his books while we read, etc.}
3. Watching us eat intently
4. Lifting his head up while he's laying down
5. Working on mastering his tri-pod sit
6. Laughing out loud
7. Hugging!!
8. Sporting some awesome rooster tails on his head as his hair grows! {see below, look closely!}

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mush, Sophie, Mush!

It was so gorgeous outside today that I decided to take the kids for a walk. I think Sophie forgot that she's supposed to be a dainty pomeranian that walks right along-side the stroller. Instead, she tugged and pulled, and basically gave Isaac the walk for me. All I had to do was follow behind! Next up...Iditarod!! Mush, Mush!

P.S. We're so dangerous, we walk down the middle of the street!! Actually, Sophie's so's her fault!

Book buggy

I kind of like this weird-looking book and toy buggy. I think I'm drawn to the antique, yet weird modern twist that it has. Blake thinks it is ugly so won't let me ever get it for Isaac. Not even when Isaac reads this post someday and begs me for it. Boo...hiss.....

P.S. Sorry I've been absent. Work and musical keep me busy, and it's been entirely too nice outside to spend time at my computer! ;-) Plus, we're flooded with orders for Pocket Sophies, so we're trying to get those out ASAP!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pocket Sophie

Do you live in a cramped apartment and don't have room for a real pet? Have you always wanted a pet but don't have the time to take care of one? Missing something to cuddle with at night? Then we've got what you need. Introducing the Pocket Sophie! She goes anywhere and doesn't require any maintenance! Play with her when you have time and then stick her on a shelf when you're done. No barking, no shedding, no feeding. Pocket Sophie is already house trained. She will never whine, and will always be waiting for you when you get home. Take her to bed for a quick cuddle before going to sleep. She's as soft as can be!

Pocket Sophie can be yours for $1, or three easy payments of just $0.34! Just send a self addressed stamped envelope to our house and we'll mail you your very own Pocket Sophie. But wait, if you act within the next 24 hours, we'll DOUBLE the offer. That's right. TWO Pocket Sophies for $1. This is deal that's too good to miss. Get yours today!

Leash and hot male model sold separately

Caution: Never leave Pocket Sophie near vacuum cleaner, open flame, or sink.