Thursday, April 23, 2009

Isaac in motion

A short clip for your enjoyment. He's turning into quite the little ham. :) Of course, he might just be THAT entertained by my stupid face and noises.

Jumper Crazy


My obsession with Baby Legs has deepened. Meet Baby Arms! It was supposed to be fairly warm out today, so I dressed Isaac in a short-sleeved onesie. However, it was still pretty cool this morning, and I didn't want to change his clothes again. So, to help ward off the morning chill, I just gave him some sleeves. It was easier than a coat or hoodie, and Isaac rocked it.

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Ooh la la

In preparation for our upcoming jaunt to London, I embarked on a search for the perfect travel passport wallet to help keep me organized, and make travel with a baby just a tiny bit easier. You would not believe how hard it is to find a wallet when you know exactly what you are looking for! Etsy answered my call. The best part is that I bargained a cheaper price on this one with the seller. She was really a peach.

Outside: cute!
Inside left: Passports, photo ID slot, and plane tickets
Inside right: Paper bills, change pouch, and two pockets for credit cards, etc.

And it all fits into my new Ju-Ju-Be Light Diaper Bag/purse. Empty, that bag only weighs 6 oz! Perfect for travel! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Banana Freak

Check this out: two bananas, right?

WRONG {sort of} - they are Siamese bananas. Technically, it IS still two bananas, but they are connected about half-way up. We can't open one without opening the other as well. So, Blake and I both have to be in the mood for a banana or one of us has to eat two bananas in one sitting. You can imagine Blake's dismay yesterday morning when he wanted a banana and I didn't. These poor bananas will probably be made into yummy banana bread in a few days.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dairy Free

Eating dairy free is tough. I already had a slight little mess up. I ate one crab meat Rangoon Friday night, forgetting that cream cheese is used for part of the filling. Happily, it didn't seem to bother Isaac too much...yet.

In an attempt to help plan better meals this week, here's what our dinner menu looks like:

Monday: Leftover homemade chicken noodle soup
Tuesday: Homemade BBQ pork sandwiches, tater tots, canned pineapple, and garden salad
Wednesday: Oven baked chicken with baked beans and garden salad
Thursday: Grilling out - pork patties, chips, carrots, and strawberry Jell-o with bananas
Friday: Fried rice and egg rolls
Saturday: Leftovers clean-up

Only 10 more days of this dairy-free madness. Then, I get to slowly add stuff back in. I'd give anything for a piece of cheese right now. At least Isaac seems to be feeling a bit better.

Don't taunt me cow!

Friday, April 17, 2009


This hat is so gorgeous, I wish I had a little girl to wear it, or that it would fit my head so that I can wear it. I'm giddy just posting about this. I'm so in love!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New 6 month developments

What is it with kids and always trying to keep their parents on their toes?!?

Remember that chronic eczema Isaac had? Turns out there is more to it than that. Even after the eczema cleared up, he was still suddenly waking, and inconsolably screaming, at night {multiple times, sometimes every hour!} and barely sleeping, {unless he was in his car seat, which is a total no-no; just an act of desperation on the part of some VERY tired parents!}, he has had a runny-ish nose since his cold in January, and occasionally he'll get some hives. He's fussy whenever it's nap time, irritable at other times, and refuses to be put on his back. All issues surface around nap or bed time. The rest of the day, you'd never guess there was anything wrong with him!

The new diagnosis: milk protein sensitivity.

Since he is still 100% breast fed {with a few solids - rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal}, it was advised to cut the solids for two weeks and for mom to stop eating all dairy. Just the obvious for now - milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc. {boo hiss to all of it}. If it doesn't improve after that, I'll have to avoid even hidden dairy, like those seen here. And if it's not better after that, I have to ditch the nursing and move him over to a soy or allergenic formula. I really hope it never gets that far. There's just something wrong with the born and raised dairy farm girl having to avoid dairy altogether, but Isaac is totally worth it.

Other than the new development, he is doing spectacularly:

Weight: 16lb 8 oz (35%)
Height: 27 3/4 in (90%)
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 in. (60%)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I like this

And I have no idea why, OR what I would do with it. Aren't chickens in the kitchen supposed to be good luck? Would this count because it's a rooster? I don't even really like chickens....So, I guess I'll just admire from afar.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

From our family to yours, Happy Easter. Wishing you all a very blessed holiday!

Isaac loved his surprise from the Easter bunny, who cleverly forgot the Easter grass so that Blake and I don't have to pick it all up. That Easter bunny is *so* smart I think he/she deserves some sort of special treat... :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 months

Isaac was 6 months old on Tuesday. His well check isn't until next week, but we took him to the doctor anyway because he has rashes all over his body. Diagnosis: chronic eczema, courtesy of mom... *sigh.* With his wet diaper on, he weighed 16 lb. 12 oz., we'll get more stats next week.

Happy half-birthday sweetie!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I love free things. I ordered a gift box set of SKY Baby Legs from Baby Steals when they ran the 52% off deal a week ago. Happily, the BL's arrived in no time. Then today, I came home and Blake asked why we had another box of Baby Legs?? Actually, he was kind of upset thinking that I had ORDERED more...I admit, I have a slight obsession with them. Turns out, Baby Steals just sent us double of my order, while only charging for one. Now, I know they were free, but do I return them even though it was their error? Do I keep them and let Isaac have two pairs of the three in the gift set? Do I give them to someone else?

They are cool, aren't they?

This is all very reminiscent of my free curtains, only I didn't have to call all over the world to find the free stuff this time. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Sorry I've been gone! Now that my work with the musical, "Good News" is over with, I've got a whole plate load of things to take care of at work regarding Holy Week, Easter, First Communion, and a couple of funerals for early next week. Every year, this whole Lent-Easter season catches me off-guard, and EVERY year, I end up swamped with work things and feel like I barely have time for'd think a girl would learn...

So, to occupy your time among my sparse blog postings, you can watch some video that Blake took of "Good News." Video 1 is of "You're the Cream in my Coffee," that's my little brother singing and tap dancing. Video 2 is of "The Varsity Drag." It's just cool dancing for high school kids. Also, thanks to Ben (the little tap-dancing brother) for uploading these suckers to YouTube. Thank heavens for techie little brothers. Goodness knows I never would've gotten around to doing it.

Enjoy, and listen for that piano! :)

You're the Cream in my Coffee

The Varsity Drag