Saturday, April 4, 2009


Sorry I've been gone! Now that my work with the musical, "Good News" is over with, I've got a whole plate load of things to take care of at work regarding Holy Week, Easter, First Communion, and a couple of funerals for early next week. Every year, this whole Lent-Easter season catches me off-guard, and EVERY year, I end up swamped with work things and feel like I barely have time for'd think a girl would learn...

So, to occupy your time among my sparse blog postings, you can watch some video that Blake took of "Good News." Video 1 is of "You're the Cream in my Coffee," that's my little brother singing and tap dancing. Video 2 is of "The Varsity Drag." It's just cool dancing for high school kids. Also, thanks to Ben (the little tap-dancing brother) for uploading these suckers to YouTube. Thank heavens for techie little brothers. Goodness knows I never would've gotten around to doing it.

Enjoy, and listen for that piano! :)

You're the Cream in my Coffee

The Varsity Drag

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Jennifer said...

I really like You're the Cream in My Coffee. It's been the song of the day around the Fun House.