Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

From our family to yours, Happy Easter. Wishing you all a very blessed holiday!

Isaac loved his surprise from the Easter bunny, who cleverly forgot the Easter grass so that Blake and I don't have to pick it all up. That Easter bunny is *so* smart I think he/she deserves some sort of special treat... :)


Ben, Gena, and Baby Bennett said...

good job, Smart Bunny!!! What a cool basket!!

Blake said...

I like how our bed has become the offical back drop to all of Isaac's photos.

Janelle said...

For Max and Will's first easter, Easter Bunny very strategically bought them pretty white baskets easter baskets lined with blue fabric so that there was never need for easter grass!!! :-)

And this easter, since Kelly came to spend the day with us, he lined her basket with tissue paper. Smart!

Lola said...

Somebody should treat that Easter bunny to a trip to, say, London for being so thoughtfully clever! ;) :D