Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 months

Isaac was 6 months old on Tuesday. His well check isn't until next week, but we took him to the doctor anyway because he has rashes all over his body. Diagnosis: chronic eczema, courtesy of mom... *sigh.* With his wet diaper on, he weighed 16 lb. 12 oz., we'll get more stats next week.

Happy half-birthday sweetie!


Jennifer said...

So, what can you do about the eczema? Some kind of cream or is that a no-no for bebes?

Ben, Gena, and Baby Bennett said...

ooooooh Bennett is catching up! He was 16 lbs, 2 oz at his last (sick) appt a week and a half ago!

By the way, Isaac is getting more and more adorable with each passing day!!!! Seriously, he's one of the handsomest boys I know!!