Thursday, July 31, 2008

If I had a million dollars

I might think about splurging at Posh Tots. I discovered this site via my pregnancy forum, and am totally in love with their carriage bed. I would've loved this as a kid {and a Disney lover}! Actually, I'd love it now! Swoon. Too bad the bed comes with a price tag of $47,000. Isn't it pretty? I totally want to watch Cinderella now!

I would totally trade out that posh cat in the carriage doorway for a posh Sophie. She's such a diva {right, Jen?}.

Bonus: for a mere $5,700 you can feel a little Mary Poppins-esque and own your own Carousel horse from the same place. Or, buy two and make them pull your carriage bed. Wow....I'm drooling.

A good day to be my Honda

My car has been dirty for awhile. I have been too lazy to take it to the car wash {or I didn't have the 5 bucks on me at the time} and I would groan when my car was in the garage and a nice rain would come and go. Today, I got lucky. I was at a prenatal appointment {Bubs is still right on track people!}, a nice storm blew threw, and SHAZAM! my car is clean. Now, I'm good to go for a few more months.

I also learned that we're going to get a new car radio! The back light went out in June {the radio still works, the panel just doesn't light up}, and I had gotten a letter about a radio recall in February or March. I didn't keep the letter at the time as the mileage cutoff was 105,000. Since my car is well over that {130,000}, I assumed it didn't really matter {and my radio was still working just fine}. After a routine check-up call from my local Honda dealer, I mentioned the radio problem, she called the company for me, and I get my new radio covered by the recall, after all {Even though I am "pretty severely over the mileage limit"}! HOORAY! And, major kudos to Honda for loving their customers.

My Honda has sure had a good day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sling thing

Today, we received a gift in the mail from a couple of friends: the Peanut Shell sling! When I found out Blake and I were expecting, slings were one of the first baby items that I really researched and decided that I wanted. Upon receiving mine today, I realized that they are a bit tricky so getting Bubs in and out, initially, will take some practice, but I'm so excited to use it. I also wanted to test the sizing to see if I needed to send it back for a larger one, but it's hard to figure that out without something to stick in it. So, I borrowed Sophie (I figured she's about the size of a 4-month old child), and put her in the "kangaroo carry." I'll have to wait until Bubs arrives to test out the newborn cradle, but Sophie seems pretty content in the kangaroo carry don't you think? {Check out her little toothy smile!} :)

Please tell me you laughed a little at that photo. I think it's mighty funny. Bonus: For those of you antsy to see the nursery, this photo provides a little sneak peek! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

That cute kid

Jennifer, Janelle, and I are all obsessed with this kid: Moses. He is the son of Jordan (see her blog here). He's cute, fashionable, and all over the web {Jennifer can probably point you in the right directions}. I know many of you have heard me, or all of us, talking about this child {the baby legs Jennifer gave to Bubs at my baby shower? Moses wears them!}, so I wanted to share what the hype was all about. Anyone else want to join in our fun of finding and admiring Moses pictures on the web? We can keep you in the loop. :P Isn't he cute!?!

P.S. I know it's pretty much a lost cause for Bubs to end up with blue eyes, but I can wish right? :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

I don't know why I decided to check today, but my DRIVER'S LICENSE is EXPIRED! Luckily, I'm still within my 60 day grace period {barely}, so I can renew it without taking the test. I wonder if I would still past the test if I had to take it now? Rest assured, I'm a very good driver, despite the expired license. Holy cow....this is a bad case of pregnancy brain.


Buying baby things gets expensive. Blake and I have, thus far, done a nice job finding great deals to keep our cost at a minimum. We decided that the one area we could splurge would be the baby car seat. In our case, we ended up getting a travel system {car seat and stroller} since it was a deal we couldn't turn down, and it's ranked #1 in safety by Consumer Reports. It was delivered today, and we are in love! The ease of use, the look, everything about it is just awesome. We even let Bubs' Teddy bear try it out. Check it out {I can't wait to use it!}:

Teddy Bear all nice and cozy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Shower

Thank you to all of the family and friends that came out for my baby shower {Thanks sisters for planning and mom and dad for hosting!} :) I'm sorry I didn't get to chat with all of you as much as I wanted, but I was still so happy to see all of you. For those of you that didn't make it, but sent gifts in the mail, thank you for thinking of us! Blake especially loves them. We have a deal: any gifts that come to the house, he gets to open. Not bad, eh?

Why I love my sisters

The most recent additions to the list:

1. They planned the best baby shower for me this weekend. I know it was a lot of work, but it was so great! I loved it so much. :)
2. They are beautiful.

3. I love being pregnant at the same time as Lola {maybe Jennifer will join the bandwagon for a future pregnancy?}

4. Jennifer's addiction to blogs is contagious and humorous! The baby shower decorations were inspired by a blog, as well as her gifts for Bubs.

5. They are both seriously creative. A brunch shower, instead of the usual afternoon finger-food stuff, cute decorations, fun games. I think the favorite activity at the shower was using iron-on's, puff paints, and buttons to let the guests decorate onesies, socks, and burp clothes for Bubs. I love all of them, and the guests enjoyed doing it! Here are some {but not all} of the finished products:

6. Lola is the mother of my Godchild, Jessica, who is just the best by helping me open presents and reading many of Bubs' books in advance. I know they are kid-approved! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

As if I don't have other things to do

Ok, I'm a total sucker for things like this {via How About Orange}. Big waste of time, but enjoyable nonetheless. Maybe I just like it when people call me names? :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Growth Spurt

For the past two days, I think little Bubs is having a growth spurt. I've been overly tired, my belly aches, and I'm really not sure if it can expand any more. By next week at this time, Bubs should be nearly 3 lbs and 15 inches long. Crazy! No wonder some of those punches hurt! :)

Here's my 28 week 3 day belly {from Sunday night}. Really starting to stick out now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All for love

I just spent the evening cheering for a baseball team I care nothing about {and we paid admission!}. In fact, they are rivals of my old high school. This, all for a little good PR for Blake and the business.

The things we do for those we love. :)

PS: The team lost. But, dare I say, I actually enjoyed the game a little bit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Indy recap

Some photos to sum up our little weekend getaway. We didn't get to do a few of the things on our agenda due to weather (baseball game) and other incidents (NCAA Museum was closed due to recent fire), but it was still a nice trip. The Indianapolis zoo has to be one of the best I've visited. Nearly all of the animals were in plain sight, and there were a lot of hands on activities. Plus, we got a pretty nice show from the walrus. I seriously think he posed for the picture!

As much as I'm not a fan of NASCAR or IndyCar, the Indianapolis speedway was still pretty neat. We took the track tour for $3.00 which took us speeding around the track at around 20 mph in a bus. We even got to see the brick starting line, and I've officially completed one lap around the Indianapolis speedway. Indy 500, here I come!

We also managed to get a sneak peek of the location/intersection (49th and Pennsylvania) of Peyton Manning's house , though we weren't sure which was his....bummer. :) In the first picture, you can see the white roof of the soon-to-be demolished RCA dome in the distance, and the new Lucas Oil Stadium to the right. Enjoy!

Some street art Blake felt like imitating. It was called Wonderment.

Taking off from the starting line. Oh yeah!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Blake and I are headed to Indianapolis this weekend with a couple friends. We are considering this our "babymoon" of sorts as this will be our last trip before Bubs arrives. You may be wondering why we chose Indianapolis? It's simple,. It's a Midwestern city that we haven't yet explored {and close enough to be a weekend jaunt!}.

On the agenda:
A trip to the zoo
Baseball game
NCAA Museum
Paddle boating on the downtown river/canal
Checking out the vintage shops/stores
Sneak peaks at the RCA Dome and Indy 500
Whatever our little hearts please. :)

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I think these are adorable for a baby's room.

I really want Bubs to learn from and enjoy all of the "old school" toys. I'm sort of over the Vtech, Leap Frog, stimulate your child with video and game type crap. There are a few modern toys that I think are cute, but generally, I'm not a fan of a lot of it. What happened to books, blocks, and toys like the oh-so-stimulating pull chatter telephone?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Belly Dance

As much as I complain to some of you about pregnancy, I really do love certain aspects of it. Feeling the baby move is one of them (except for when I get kicked in the bladder, ribs, colon, or any other unpleasant place. :)) In fact, I spend a decent amount of time watching my belly dance like so:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Name Game Update

Well, it seems that Yoshi is going to be the name of the new dog. It's a weird name for a farm dog, but I'm sure it will grow on me.

Seems like the poll was a smart idea, BUT....I would like to know who the poll cheaters are!? :) My blog is only authorized to be read by 32 readers, and yet my poll magically has 44 votes. For now, I'll blame Jennifer and Brian. ;-)

Meet Yoshi:

Holiday Weekend

I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! Blake and I hung out with friends, family, and had a little gathering of our own. I get a kick out of all of the patriotic (red, white, and blue) clothing that surfaces around this time of year. At least it's cute on the kids! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Name Game

My parents got a new dog. Right now, they are calling it YOSHI. As it is another Sheltie, I can see no other name for it but Teddy. This would be Teddy 4. All of the Teddy's were farm dogs. Here's the overview for those who are not familiar with the Teddy tradition:

Teddy: The original. We had him for 13 years. He was awesome.

Teddy 2: You may remember this post I wrote about his passing. We were so sad. Another great farm dog.

Teddy 3: Unfortunately, we never had much time to bond with this little one. He ended up running away, and with the long winter, he didn't make it. :(

Of course, when I found out they were calling this little Sheltie YOSHI, I almost went into panic mode. How could they do away with TEDDY?! Blake and I went and visited the little guy tonight. He's definitely playful, fun, cute, and will make a great farm dog. Apparently, my parents have considered roaming away from the Teddy tradition because the last one didn't work out as well as the others. However, all of us were calling this puppy "Teddy" throughout the evening. I think YOSHI is not a good name, so Blake and I offered up Winston as an alternative if they want to go with anything but Teddy.

Here's where you come in blog readers: I told my parents I would put up a poll on my blog to see what you think about the names. Please vote! If you have another suggestion, leave a comment. :) I would not expect you to vote blindly, so there are a couple of pictures below.