Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is not a game

We have the hardest time getting Isaac to smile for the camera. Whenever he sees it he stares, then looks away and does something else, then stares, then ignores us, then looks and does something silly {like stick out his tongue} and THEN he teases us with a smile with his hands in front of his face! Anyone have anything else we can try? Here are my attempts {and proof of them}:

1. Car seat {which he hates lately}
2. Bath time {probably too relaxing}
3. Tummy time {since he has been loving it lately!}
4. Bouncy chair {his first love}
5. Floor time {toys and all!}
6. Jumper {wait, is he smiling a little in this one?!}
7. Chilling out on the couch {this one could be good...except there's that tongue, and it looks to me like he's grabbing his crotch...*sigh*}
8. Dad holding him
9. Mom holding him {self photos are back people!}
10. Snugli
11. Sling
12. Distracting him {Dad or mom off to the side acting absolutely ridiculous, book, toys, mirror - I actually caught one in the mirror, but too bad it's soooo off-center!}
13. Loads of attention from his PMB family14. Loads of attention from Grandparents


Janelle said...

these all made me laugh :)

Blake said...

Number 7 proves he is going to take after me! I love it!

travelingtraci said...

Aww... #13 is so cute! :) Minus Dan's eyes being closed... but we just assume that will happen at this point!

Matt said...

I agree with the travelingtraci!! It was GREAT seeing you guys :)

P.S. You should send us all the pictures you took!! Or facebook them!!

Jennifer said...

He looks so big in those sling shots!

Blake said...

Why would we put him in a sling shot? I think you are having another one of your weird dreams.

Jennifer said...

I knew "sling shots" sounded funny when I typed it, but I could't figure out why! Blake, you are so smart!