Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We've come a long way baby

Just wanted to share some photos of Blake's office transformation so far. When everything's all done, I'll give you all a virtual tour.

Until then, we're working our butts off - Isaac has been "helping" whenever possible. Today, he ate a piece of the ceiling tile....*sigh*

Office from front door before:
Office from front door after:

And now with some color:

Our reception desk shell has arrived - ooh la la. Please note, the carpet and trim are down too!

Bathroom before:

Bathroom after {minus decor}:


Anonymous said...

Becky and Blake - the place looks great! I love the paint colors and the vanity in the bathroom worked out perfect! I can't wait to see it soon :)

Ben said...

You know becky I thought blake's office was supposed to be a chiropractic office not a home...but I guess since that nice tv is there Blake will pretty much be living there, I guess he can survive there, he has many restaurants around and plus those therapy beds are pretty comfy! LOL!!

Lola said...

Looks great! I'm amazed at what a little paint can do, esp. in the bathroom :) Better watch out, or Ben will be living there soon ;)