Saturday, December 26, 2009


For Christmas, I gave myself a chip fracture in my elbow.

Isaac and I were doing diaper laundry at my parent's house - we headed into the basement to dry them, I lost my footing, we tumbled down the stairs, and consequently I chip fractured my elbow. We ended up making a late night visit to the ER for the diagnosis. Happily, as the range of motion in my elbow is still very good, I will not not need a cast, but have to follow a treatment plan and will have to be gentle with it for a long while.

Already today, though, my poor elbow has been bumped more times than I can count {both because of my own doing and from other people.}.

And most importantly, Isaac is doing ok - he had a little bit of a sore foot this morning {from where I smashed his foot between the stairs/wall/me, but Daddy adjusted it and he is doing much better. At least he's walking on it now {even if it IS with a limp}. :(

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Janelle said...

Bummer. Glad the little guy is ok and that you don't have to have a cast.