Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alphabet Book Ideas

Just throwing these out there for Owen's alphabet book.  The ones with ** are pretty much set, but I'm including all of the ideas I have for every letter.  Others, I'm really struggling with!  I wanted to be different than what I used last time, but some of the ideas from Isaac's book, I just loved so much that I'm re-using them anyway.  I try to keep the book representative of Owen's personality, while also including as many major people/milestones, etc. as possible.  Any of them that you particularly like for a particular letter? Help! :)

A - Airplane**, adjustment, angry
B - Brothers**, bath
C - cow or calf, cuddle
D - Daddy**
E - Eat, eyes**, ear, elephant
F - Family**, feet, four-wheeler
G - Grandparents**
H - Hat**
I - ice cream?
J - jumper?
K - Kindermusik, kiss
L - Love
M - Mommy**
N - Newborn**
O - Owen**
P - Piano**
Q - Quiet, quesadilla
R - Read
S - Snow**
T - Teeth**, Tractor
U - Umbrella, ultrasound, upset
V - Vegetables?
X - Xylophone
Y - Yawn**
Z - Zoo, Zebra, Zipper

**UPDATE: Thank you, Jen, for noticing that I didn't have a W in this alphabet! LOL!

W - Wheelbarrow


Jennifer said...

Q = Quilt. There's gotta be a cute quilt somewhere that you could have him sit on.

J = Jennifer

V = Van. Put him in the car seat, open the sliding door, have him look out, get a profile shot of to the van.

Jennifer said...

Also, you should consider adding a "W" to give Owen the full alphabet experience.