Wednesday, April 11, 2012

19 months

On March 30, our little love bug turned 19 months old!   He is just becoming such a little man, and he sure is stubborn with little patience.  He likes to get mad and hit, or throw himself on the ground.  He is Isaac's little shadow, and the two of them are so incredibly sweet together.  He picks up on new words every day.  We are able to understand him most of the time, which certainly helps ease his frustrations.  He has nearly all of his teeth.  His canines have finally poked through, so he's back to sleeping pretty solidly at night, which is good news for us!  Lately, he is completely obsessed with reading books.  His current favorite is "Freight Train" by Donald Crews {He will say the title and the author.  super cute!}.  He's just so much fun and I'm already so proud of the little man he is becoming.  Love you, O's!

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