Thursday, May 31, 2012

21 Months

Today, it hit me, that our family's littlest member is going to be 2 soon!  On May 30th, Owen turned 21 months old.

He loves talking about and enjoying tractors, farms, fields, wheels, ice cream, cows, pigs, his brother {in Chinese - ge ge}, grandma and grandpa, parks, swings, babies, hugs, kisses, cats, Sophie, blocks, Thomas the train, trains in general, Bob the Builder, scoops {which can be the skidloader or backhoe loaders or tractors with scoops}, blocks, and just about a million other things.  Despite his short temper, he is just so fun to watch right now!  He and Isaac actually have conversations, and Isaac will cater to Owen.  Other times, they're just yelling at each other, while Owen, in his only defense, will usually sit on, or push up against Isaac and try to bite him.  We're still trying to nip that one....

I can't believe how quickly both of my babies have grown up.  Watching them grow every single day is such a blessing and a reminder of how miraculous and beautiful life really is....even if I want to give them away sometimes. :-)  I love both of them more than they'll ever know.  Thanks for adding some more spice to our lives O's! :) We love you!

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