Monday, December 15, 2008


Isaac developed a mole on the sole of his right foot {and a light one on his knee} after he was born. According to the Doctor at his two month check-up, a mole on the sole of a baby's foot that develops after birth can be "concerning." We now have an appointment with a dermatologist on Wednesday morning. She wouldn't say what was concerning, but did say that they may want to remove it, which means more pain for our little guy! It was bad enough watching him get shots! When that mole popped up, I thought it was a just a birth mark...I hope it is nothing more. Plus, I think Isaac wears it with style. :) Here's hoping for a good appointment on Wednesday.


Jennifer said...

HA! I just read the title of your post. Funny! Isaac must take after his dear auntie. I grow new moles all the time. sucks.

Richelle said...

How did the appointment go??