Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love...

Cloth diapering.

Seriously, it's so much easier than I ever imagined. I've even graduated to cloth wipes {only part-time though because I take the disposable wipes out and about}. I ordered three more cloth dipes today, to bring my current stash to a total of 20 diapers. I think I'm done for awhile now. :)

Not only are they cute, but they have saved my skinny boy from bruising on his butt - he had terrible bruises when he was in disposables from falling down. Shortly after switching to cloth, the bruises went away and he hasn't had another. And, even cooler - Blake is into it. My mom is into it - she did a show and tell with a group of old ladies at Hardee's after breakfast last Sunday. I secretly think my Dad is into it too, but he'll never admit it. :)

I've become a total cloth diaper snob. When we run out of cloth or forget to pack some with us on a day out, and I have to put him in a disposable, I even notice how his butt sounds "crinkly." Snob much?

Some of Isaac's stash - minus an orange, cow print, and another Dallas Cowboys dipe - they're in the wash. :)

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Ben, Gena, and Baby Bennett said...

I hear ya on the annoying crinkle of the disposables! CDing is awesome! (And Isaac looks SO adorable in all of his diapers!!!)