Sunday, February 7, 2010

16 months

Can time please stand still for just a little bit?

Every day, I'm amazed at what he's learning, but it's all happening too fast! Currently, he's working on getting his incisors, so sleep is pretty rare once the nightly dose of Motrin wears off. His vocabulary is growing by the day, he's fascinated with trying to make the sounds of the letters of the alphabet {especially "a" and "p"}, and he loooooves his fruits and vegetables {hooray!}. Other than that, he still nurses from me once a day - mornings. We'll drop that nursing in a week or two and he'll be completely weaned. He was nursing just twice a day for a while. I made the decision back in October, when he turned 1, to continue to nurse him through the bulk of the cold and flu season. I think it helped a lot. He only had one cold the whole time, and I've brought home at least 2 or 3. Yippee!

Happy 16 months sweetie!

P.S. His eyes are still not brown. They change daily between green, blue, and a hazel. I love them!

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