Friday, February 12, 2010

One great adventure

Well, maybe I don't want to be going on this vacation with my siblings.

So far, because of some plane delays/mechanical issues they ended up in San Francisco over LA, missed their flight to Australia there by 10 minutes, had to spend a night in SF and got rerouted to Vancouver {hello opening day of the Olympics}, and will catch a flight to Australia from there, arriving over a day later than originally planned. Whew. Funny? A little bit. Fun for them? Probably not that much, but I hope they're trying to enjoy it anyway. At last report, I think they were going to attempt stopping at a Target to buy a few more necessity items for their carry-ons. Just in case.

And their luggage? It's probably sitting in LA since they never boarded the flight there. It'll probably take their whole vacation to catch up to them as they are doing some island hopping while they down under. I bet they see it about a week after they get home from their vacation. Yee. Good luck sibs!

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Janelle said...

Who is all on the vacation?