Sunday, March 7, 2010

17 months

Happy 17 months to our little sweetie pea. He's becoming quite the talker. He can say the alphabet to letter "H" and then a few various letters until the end as well as quite a few words {mommy, daddy, see, boat, what, done, up, down, bubble, eye {I}, you, we, uh oh, wow, row, roll, eat, meet, rice, pea, apple, yeah, yay, hot, a whole slew of words in Chinese, and many more in English I can't think of at the moment}. He officially has 13 teeth and it's kind of freaky how he understands everything we say. Still, it's amazing to watch him learn and grow {even though it's all happening too fast!}.

You would never guess by this photo that he was about ready to cover me in vomit. Yes, vomit. About 15 minutes after I took this picture. Awesome. I hope he's feeling better soon though. It's so hard to watch your kids be sick - especially since I have no clue what he has, or where he would have gotten it! Poor little guy.

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