Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have a confession to make: our dog is driving me crazy.

It's not that she's misbehaving {that much} or really being a bad dog in general. She's actually very well-behaved and she listens to us {for the most part}. Sure, she begs for food incessantly, and does her annoying, "I'm panting slightly more than normal, and slightly louder than normal so I KNOW you hear me, now give me some of your food!" attitude, she sheds all over the house, and tries to get into trouble when she's outside. But really, generally, she's a very good dog. She just....never leaves my side. I swear she's glued to my feet. I bet I've stepped on her five or more times today alone. If I leave for five minutes, she's so hyper excited when I return that I'm worried she's going to give herself a heart attack. Wherever I am, there she will be. The worst part about having this furry thing glued to me? She stares! All.the.time. And not just a concerned stare, it's more of a "you have a huge, monster zit on your face that everyone stares at" stare. In the recent past, she's even annoyed my dear husband so much that we joke about putting her in the $75 or less section of the local paper. We could never part with her, she's really a part of our family - I just wish she wouldn't be a creeper too.

Now, off to enjoy my husband, son, and creepy dog. :)

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Jennifer said...

Sophie is such a freak!

I LOLed a bunch when reading this post.