Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Step inside

...our soon-to-be new home! I'm finally getting around to giving you all the tour. Sorry it took so long! :)

Here's the front door/entry from the living room

And, here's the living room. We plan on painting to lighten it up a bit, making it more airy {especially those painted ceilings!}, but just LOVE the warmth and charm of the area! Super cute!


Dr. Blake said...

I am very excited about finally moving into this house with you, Isaac, and Donut.

Jennifer said...

The front door is gorgeous and I love me some arched doorways. But, what up with that painted ceiling? Do all the rooms have a ceiling the same color as the walls?

Janelle said...

nice floors! i agree with Jen about the door and arched doorway. And also, wtf on the painted ceiling? I'm not totally against it, but in the red, it's a bit much.

Dr. Blake said...

To answer your question Jen, yes. The entire house is that way! Because of this we are more than likely going to have someone hired to come in and paint at least some of it for us.