Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is pesky

I have a hole in my brain....I can't remember anything! This is not normal pregnancy brain either.

Let me give you a brief overview:
I developed hypothyroidism during this pregnancy. They put me on a synthetic hormone to bring my levels back up. I started taking it, and felt better within a week. I get my blood drawn about every 4 weeks. After the first blood draw, my TSH levels were within the normal range, but they decided to up the dosage of my meds to "keep up with the baby." About a week after upping my dosage, I started forgetting things. I'm not talking about small things like, I forgot to do laundry, or get groceries {though I have forgotten those too}. I mean, I'm forgetting to do things for work. In the past 5 weeks, I have forgotten the following {and not for lack of writing it down, cell phone reminders, etc.}: Playing 3 masses, 3 staff meetings, a work social, and 4 piano lessons.

After missing Mass #2 a couple of weeks ago, I decided to put a call in to my endocrinologist. As it turns out, my levels for my third blood draw are at the high end of normal, but are still within the normal range, so they aren't doing a darn thing. I won't back down to the original, lower dosage without approval because I don't want to compromise the pregnancy in any way either. They couldn't care less that I'm telling them that my memory loss is NOT NORMAL! They won't even look into it, and I'm only allowed to speak with my Dr. through his nurses. I'm turning into a completely unreliable person, even with calendars, post-its, and cell phone alarms, and I hate it. THIS IS NOT ME! So, blog world, help me find out what's wrong, please?. Google my conditions, will you? I don't know how to make my Dr. listen to me, and it's getting completely frustrating. I know, by the text book, I should be fine. But I've told them, and I'm telling you now...it's not. I'm freaked out and embarrassed, and I really just want to know what's going on.

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Julie said...

I think I would demand to speak with the doc - it might not make it to the doc throught the nurses unless you speak with him/her yourself. I know I would feel a lot better speaking one on one with the doc - that is their job, not the nurses. If they don't get it, then call every day so you can "exhibit" your forgetfulness! Hang in there Becky!