Saturday, June 5, 2010


The entire first floor of our new home is covered in beautiful wood flooring {including the bedrooms} which also means more rugs. We're going with more neutral based tones to lighten up the rooms, and I'm really liking this rug {or something similar} for the living room. Doesn't it just look so plush and cushy? I want to nap on it. Now.
However, here are my problems with it:

1. It's white {even though I want white, I don't for a variety of reasons. Namely, that I'll soon have two little munchkins running around!}
2. The price isn't perfect
3. I fear a Pocket Sophie revolution. I'm sure it'll show up WAY more than it ever did on my darker rugs.
4. If it doesn't work in the living room, do I dare try to use it in our bedroom?

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