Sunday, May 15, 2011

All things Royal

Well, as if talk of the Royal Wedding wasn't enough to keep me smiling forever.  I saw this on Facebook. Sure the image has been doctored {see the original clips}, but it's still funny.

The Tuesday after the Royal Wedding, we received a package in the mail...the ROYAL mail, from London.  It was Isaac's Bob the Builder underwear he has been asking for!  I searched all over the place for those undies in the states.  I couldn't find them ANYWHERE in his size.  Then, I find a seller on e-bay, and even after paying the international shipping fee, it was cheaper than his pack of Thomas the Tank Engine undies that I purchased awhile ago!

My only complaints?  They didn't arrive in time for Easter, and I should have thought of this before I made the purchase {the picture on the internet just showed them all packed nicely in their package}, but underwear in Europe is not the same as underwear in the States.  So, even though Isaac loves them, I always chuckle a little bit when he puts them on, because they are basically toddler speedos!  LOL!

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