Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Deals - 5/26/2011

1. FREE sample of Kodiak Chiropractic Cream here.  I'm ordering this because Blake and I are skeptical.  Blake's a chiropractor, so we'll see about this............

2. Do you need Skype minutes?  If so, just like Ifeelgoods on Facebook here, and you can get a code for 60 FREE Skype minutes.  I don't normally list Facebook deals, but thought this one was pretty decent. :)

3. This is kind of creepy to me.....thinking about technology kind of creeps me out.  BUT, if this is your thing, sign up for Google Wallet, and you'll get $10 FREE in your account.  More here.

4. 30% off coupon here to Coach Factory Outlet!

5. June 3 is national doughnut day.  In its honor, Krispy Kreme is going to be giving away one FREE doughnut per customer.  Find a participating location here.

6. FREE samples of Ola Loa Vitamin and Sports formula drinks here.

7. Get 5 Gifts to Grow points with code 20000PampLatino.

8. Tinyprints is offering a FREE personalized card with code TYOPRAH.  If you ship it to yourself, shipping is FREE.  Otherwise, you'll pay $0.44 to send it to your recipient.

9. Perfect for grilling out! Get a FREE sample of Real American Steak Rub here.

10. FREE Pretty Bugs preschool pack for your little girl here.

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