Sunday, July 31, 2011

11 months

Yesterday, Owen turned 11 months old. Can you believe our dear, sweet Owen is nearly one year old?  Even Isaac {as unsure as he was in the beginning} would agree that Owen has been a wonderful addition to our family.   He fits just perfectly, and he gives the BEST hugs. :)

He still has four teeth {two up, two down}, his molars are flaring up in the back though.  He stands unsupported for short periods of time, has attempted taking a step or two, but usually will just fall down and resort to his speed crawl.  He loves riding the four-wheeler with Grandpa {he can even point to where it is while making a bbbbb sound}, loves almost all food {he's still crazy for bananas!}, supported walking {holding someone's hands or following his walker},  matchbox cars or anything with wheels, circles {oddly enough, he ALWAYS wants to hold the circle pieces from Isaac's puzzles}, puffs, musical instruments, wrestling with his brother, peek-a-boo, some books {he doesn't love every book like his brother did.  He's kind of a book snob, he'll eat just about anything {paper clips, stickers, price tags...}, and he loves the night light {LOVES.  He plays with it.  Unplugs it.  Then proceeds to stick his fingers in the outlet!}.  Lately, he's become more dramatic:  If I put a spoon of food in his mouth that he doesn't want, he just sits there with his mouth open and then will stick his tongue out.  He arches his back when he's had enough of anything.  And by arches, I mean, he does a complete back bend and will hold it for quite a long time.  Ever since my trip to Louisville, he has been stuck to me like glue.  He doesn't let me out of his sight for very long. 

But, we LOVE him to pieces and we could not imagine our lives without him.  Happy 11 months O-dubs!

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Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

awww! I can't believe he is 11 months old!!! ahh! So, so sweet your boys are!