Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drama King

Isaac has become our incessant whiner.  Often times, he'll just start whining without any reason at all {except to try to attract attention to himself}.  It gets worse every day that he creeps closer to age 3, continuing on his tradition of being ever-so-dramatic {we called him a divo when he was younger!}.    Everyone tells me this is normal, but it sure does get on my nerves some days.  And others, like today, it's hilarious because of conversations like this:

Isaac {on the couch}: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, waaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Blake {in passing, from the kitchen}:  "Oh stop.  Are you trying to be a drama king?"

Isaac:  "Waaa ----  NO, I'M NOT!  WAaaaaaaaaaAaaaAaaaahh!"

You know you wish you could live with this too. ;-)

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