Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do you remember my hypothyroid problem when I was pregnant with Owen?  I stopped taking any medication at all for it the day I delivered.  I still get blood tests every 6 months to keep an eye on it, and by all accounts everything is normal.  Yay!  My thyroid was not broken, just a little overworked with the pregnancy!

Then, I saw the endocrinologist today for my 1 year check up.  My thyroid is enlarged, again {I had also been told it was enlarged when I was 40 weeks pregnant with ISAAC}.  It shrunk down when I was pg with Owen, and now it's enlarged again.  All this to say, my endocrinologist recommended an ultrasound done on it as soon as possible.  He is suspicious of a nodule.  If it's large enough, I will need to have a biopsy done to be sure it's not cancerous.  The likelihood of it being cancerous is only 5%, so that's thankful news, but SHIT.  Really?  I'm 29.  I have a huge, huge, huge chance that it's nothing at all, just a nodule.  But that 5% chance has my own mortality slapping me in the face.  That "C" word is everywhere, among all ages.  It's a sad reality folks.  I'm very hopeful, but can't help wondering about that little "what if?"


Anonymous said...

You can see many large nodules if patient extends the neck and swallows. I've seen many cases when a nodule detected at palpation was not even there!
Take care!
Art G.

KG said...

Good Luck Becky! I will be saying some prayers for you