Friday, December 30, 2011

16 months

16 months already.  Happy day to our little love bug.

He is SUCH a mama's boy right now.  Some days I love it, some days it proves to be a bit overwhelming!  Owen is turning into quite the chatterbox, always jabbering on and really becoming quite clear in his speech {mommy, car, ge-ge (Chinese for older brother), daddy, treat, tree, cookie, cracker, gung (part of Taiwanese for grandpa), ah-ma (Taiwanese for grandma), pea, moo, baa, moon and more that I probably can't think off!}, loves reading, stepping up and down on things, playing with his trains/cars, eating {he is a total grazer, eating all day long.  Already out-eats his brother}.   His thing lately is that he runs and runs, but often trips and falls.  Most of the time, he does NOT put his hands out to break his fall, so we've had quite a number of fat, bloody lips and noses!

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