Wednesday, February 29, 2012

18 months

And still cute as a button! :)  Our little snuggle bug is growing up so quickly.  He spends most of his days being a complete chatterbox.  I'm amazed at how many words he knows!  I can't even give you a list because he really knows so many.  Recently, he has started constructing two-word phrases.  Before long, he's going to be having full conversations with his big brother.  Although, I might prefer the full-fledged conversation to what seems like never-ending arguing.  They are constantly picking on each other.  But then, in the blink of an eye, they are hugging, and laughing, and it just melts my heart!

Owen also has a little temper.  Easily frustrated, you'll often see him throwing things, stomping his feet, or just laying on the ground crying.  These little tantrums last only seconds, but he sure does them often.  I know he's frustrated trying to communicate, but a small part of me thinks these little tantrums are cute. :)

Still a mama's boy, he is starting to enjoy the luxury of daddy {in part because I'm never home lately}, and he is completely enamored with Grandpa.  If you even say his name, Owen goes nuts.

Happy 18 months to our growing little man.  We are so proud of all that you have done so far.  We are looking forward to all that's still in store.  Thank you for coming into our lives!  We love you.

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