Friday, November 30, 2012

The joy in a cardboard box

Since I have been doing most of my Christmas shopping via the internet, we have been receiving our fair share of cardboard boxes.  So, we've been having a little fun with them (when I'm not recycling them as gift boxes!!).

Check out our cardboard box car (a Pinterest inspired idea).  Super easy, and the boys love it - cut cardboard box, also cut out cardboard headlights, paint, add paper plate tires (attach wheels and lights using hot glue gun) and paper plate steering wheel (I added a cardboard horn to ours, and attached to box via a flat bottom screw with a nut so that they can actually turn it) Our cardboard box car has been driven all over our house in the past two days, and it's still holding up!  It was, however, turned into a padiddle late this afternoon..  Looks like it's time to get my hot glue gun out again before we get a ticket!

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