Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two months

Our little pretty girl is two months old today!  Her brothers helped her celebrate with lots of hugs and kisses and stories this morning.   Her biggest brother is very helpful to us, even at 4 years old, he is great about being gentle with her, grabbing things for us when we need them, entertaining her to help when she's crying, and just relishing in the fact that he is the oldest {and her favorite right now!}.    Don't get me wrong, O is a great big brother too, but he's still learning his ways.  He tries to be "gentle" but doesn't understand that he's leaning on her, tries to be "helpful" but and sometimes is, but usually not.  :)  This is usually Ev's face when O tries to give her hugs on the floor.  Doesn't it just look like she's saying, "Help me!"

How lucky we are though.  She is just the sweetest.  She is so patient especially when I am busy and tries to calm herself down when I tell her it will be "just a second."  Her brothers, especially, are interesting to her.  I love, LOVE, her smiles, especially her morning ones.  Waking up is so much easier with a happy smile!  Her love for bouncing, or dancing, hasn't worn off, and so I will often "dance" with her to sleep.  I love it.  Sleeping babies are so peaceful.  Some nights I find myself thinking that dancing with her is time consuming {because I have something to do or someplace to be}, but I remind myself that these days are precious and numbered.  Always.  And sleep?  Thank goodness, she has officially gone two nights in a row of a 9+ hour stretch.  That makes everyone in this house feel good.  Happy two months to our little Ev-bug.  Our lives are so blessed with you in it!

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