Friday, April 12, 2013

big day

All kinds of great things happened at our house today.  So happy I am home with my kids to be a part of it!

1.  Potty training kids is not my cup of tea, but today was day 2 of Owen peeing in the toilet. I am so proud!

2.  Isaac continues to impress people with his ocean knowledge.  He has been aided by his sticker dictionary (they are totally awesome), daddy's fish tank, the ninja fishing app, and Disney Junior's show, Octonauts.  Do you know the five layers of the ocean??  Isaac does!  Can you name different species of jellyfish?  Isaac can!  He talks Ocean and Octonauts all day long.  It drives me crazy because it is incessant, but I know I will miss it someday.  Trying to enjoy and count my blessings!

3.  Evelyn's first real belly laughs today.  She loves her up-down game.  So sweet!

Can I please have a do over of today???

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