Monday, April 29, 2013

Three months already

Guess who turned three months yesterday? 

She is just the best.  Sweetest, patient, baby.  I don't know if she's just really easy going, or it's the fact that I've had other babies, but I really just think she is so easy to follow.  I understand when she's tired, hungry, dirty, over stimulated, etc. without much effort at all.

Lately, she's been finding her hands.  She will often bring them together and then furrow her brow in concentration on touching her fingers together.  It is adorable!  She loves pulling up on our fingers into the sitting position, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, kicking away in her bouncy chair while talking to her animals, and she especially adores watching Isaac.  She thinks he is so funny.  O, on the other hand: she is not a fan.  Probably because he loves her soooo much that he's always in her face trying to show affection. :)

We love our little Ev-bug.  Our lives are so much richer with her in it.

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