Thursday, May 30, 2013

Four blissful months

This gorgeous little miss turned 4 months old on this past Tuesday, the 28th.  We have had so much fun with her thus far!  At last check, a couple of weeks ago, she was tipping the scales at just over 13 pounds!  Wowza!

Lately, she has discovered her hands and adores her little crinkle cupcake toy and Sophie the Giraffe. Everything goes into her mouth if she can get it there!  She has absolutely no interest in attempting to roll over, but will try to sit up or stand all day long.  I adore our daily coo-ing conversations, and dancing for naps.  She's starting to become keen on her bamboo blanket, so she might end up like mommy after all!  She already puts herself to sleep at night, which we are so thankful to God for.  Her ease of going to bed at night really helps us keep the balance with the brothers as well.  Speaking of brothers, she thinks her oldest brother is HILARIOUS.  I think she could watch him for hours.  As far as her other big bro - he's still figuring out boundaries.  As long as he gives her some space, she thinks he is pretty awesome too. :)  I'll have to post a video of her laughing.  She's just the best!

Happy four months my little darling girl.

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