Saturday, June 29, 2013

Five months as a family of five

And while there are days I really want to pull my hair out, this is FUN! 

Yesterday our little bug turned 5 months old.  She still doesn't roll over (or attempt much, really), but she's working on sitting up like crazy!  Late last week, she discovered her toes, and finds them fun to play with.  She's more into books, loves laughing at the brothers, loves being surprised, and could chew on her crinkle cupcake toy forever.  Funny girl also likes to bury her face in blankets to go to sleep, so we've become huge fans of the breathable muslin swaddles/security blankets!  She also stopped drinking from bottles in the past month.  We try every day and she just shoves nipples to the side with her tongue, so we have since moved on to sippy cups and regular cup drinking. Since we are still happily nursing, it's not the end of the world yet, but I have to be gone for a week this summer for work, and then it might be! 

Her temperament is so different from the boys.  If the boys are upset, she is too.  She's either incredibly sweet and happy, or just reaaalllly mad....and loud.  She'll let you know.  She's warming up more to grandma and grandpa, but is still veeerrry touchy about men who aren't her dad.  I think she doesn't like their deeper voices.  In fact, she doesn't like any loud voices at all, really.  One day, we were cheering one of her brothers on, and she got so upset that we were cheering.  Touchy, touchy.  Still though, you can always count on her for a sweet snuggle (If she knows you). :)  Ha. 

We just love every bit of her to pieces.  Check out her cute pout!


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