Sunday, August 4, 2013

6 Months

Our littlest family member had her half birthday, exactly one week ago.  I managed to get pictures in the morning, and then boarded a plane for a work convention for most of the week, hence the really late post.

I continue to be amazed at how fleeting the moments are in a baby's first year.  Everything speeds by so quickly.  Last month, E was busy!  She rolled over {once, and only once} finally, she grabs everything with her hands, sticks almost all those same things in her mouth, and she love to sit.  Sit and grab.  Sit and grab.  As a general rule, she's pretty easy-going while we're at home.  She goes down for her naps and bedtime pretty well, but if we are out and about, she *does not* want to miss a thing.  She'll skip a nap for the sheer joy of seeing all that there is to see.  Strangers {or even people she has met before but doesn't see on a regular basis} are not her cup of tea.  Every now and again, you'll catch in a supremely good mood and she surprises us all with her openness to others.  I've had more than one person tell me that her overall demeanor reminds them of me when I was little!  I suppose, I've got to adjust my parenting style so she doesn't turn up *exactly* like me, awesome as I may be. ;-) haha.

About five days before she turned six months, we officially offered her some sweet potatoes, and then a few days later, some oatmeal.  From what I understand, she didn't always finish her mommy's milk while I was away {and she would not drink from a bottle.....which she gave up at the end of May, and we struggled to get her drinking from everything under the sun and she finally settled on a cup}, so the babysitter's made up for it by offering her more of her solid food.  I've been back for just two days, and she is miserably constipated. :(  We're working on clearing that up stat.

It has been a busy month, for sure.  But she's a joy.  She loves giving me hugs and kisses, but she's stingy on them for everyone else.   I'm not complaining.  After all, I'm the one that gets all the love right now.  That'll change in time, so I'm enjoying this little fleeting moment in time while it lasts.  Happy half birthday Ev-bug.  You're the best. :)

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