Sunday, September 1, 2013

7 months!

Our little girl is growing up!  She turned seven on months on the 28th.  She's right around 15 1/2 pounds, and 26.5 inches long.

She's *finally* starting to enjoy socializing a little more, and doesn't resort to immediate crying when handed off to someone else.  She's still stuck on mommy (which I love!).  She enjoys eating and drinking from a cup (she gets excited and kind of pants for more!).  Current foods:  Sweet potatoes, squash, pear, puffs, rice mum mums, oatmeal, beans, peas, avocado, banana, and bits and pieces of a lot of what we're already eating. 

She loves laughing at her brothers, giving kisses, playing with her little toys {the boys like to throw her "toy parties."}, reading her peek-flap books, sitting, and grabbing whatever she can find.  No teeth yet, but she's chewing like a maniac on everything (napkins, paper, tablecloths, actual teething toys....). There is no interest in rolling over just for fun.  She's rolled from belly to back only once, and that was a complete accident.  Otherwise, she's just growing like a weed, and enriching our lives on a daily basis.  Happy 7 months, bug!

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