Sunday, September 1, 2013

That third birthday

I don't know what it is about the third birthday that makes me feel bittersweet.  I feel like when they are just two, they are still so little, and then three comes along and it just makes them seem that much older.  Like they have to actually be a kid and not a toddler.....

Well, that happened to O on Friday.  He turned three.  He's so big.  O has always been the cuddler.  The kid that will just pass out when he's tired.  When he decides to go to sleep, he's out like a light.  He's a clown. Poop jokes are his favorite.  Strong-mindedness often gets him into trouble, and he'll throw a tantrum and just cry for excessive amounts of time.  He is also the trouble maker.  Instigating fights with his older brother is a daily occurrence.  Pushing buttons is a strong suit.  On the flip side, he's *always* the first person to offer a hug, a super kissy face, pouty, kiss, or to whisper not incredibly softly, "Mommy, I LOVE YOU."

He's impossible *not* to love.  So thankful God has given him to us to keep.  Love you, O!

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