Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9 months

A couple of weeks ago, our little girl turned NINE MONTHS OLD! 

She's such a happy baby - loves table food (forget the purees that I made for her!), laughs a lot, enjoys baths, scoots little by little, will reach for things but doesn't crawl, and loves dancing, singing!  On her nine-month birthday, October 28, she learned how to feed herself!

A little peanut, she weighs just about 17 pounds.  But she's got all of us wrapped around her fingers.  Even the brothers.  She knows she doesn't need to crawl because her brothers grab anything they see her trying to reach.  We've got two little bottom teeth, the biggest grin, and the best open-mouthed baby kisses anyone could ask for. 

Love her, and so thankful we have been blessed with her in our lives!

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