Friday, December 6, 2013

Ten Months

Can you believe it?  Ten whole months have gone by since we welcomed our little girl. 

She's a spunky, sweetheart.  She's not into baby food at all, so she eats mostly table food with the rest of us.  She loves pears, cheese, and her oatmeal.  Crawling is just not her cup of tea, but I'll take the mini-scoot little girl for awhile.  Kids grow up too fast the way it is.  She does, however, like to stand when she's able.  Her activity table is growing on her quickly.  She never has to do much for herself because her big brothers always seem to be running to her rescue, especially O.  He just adores her.  If she tumbles over, he's the first one there trying to help her up.

A few days after turning ten months old, FOUR top teeth broke through (her front teeth and one tooth on either side of them).  She was miserable with her sleep for a few weeks before that, so we were so happy to see them arrive!
Hubs and I both agree that as she gets older, she's going to be a huge troublemaker, of the quiet variety.  Daddy also jokes that she's going to try to get by on her looks her whole life. Ha!   We are going to have our hands full!  We love her more than words can say. It's amazing what children bring to our lives!

Happy Ten Months, Bug!

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