Wednesday, April 7, 2010

18 months

Happy 18 months to our little grouch. Isaac woke up on the wrong side of the crib today. That aside, he really is at such a fun age. Talking more and more everyday, laughing, playing, running, defining his personality, etc. BUT, I must write and remember that this can also be the worst age. The tantrums he throws are about enough to pull my hair out - and they appear for no apparent reason at all! Here's hoping they disappear soon.

Hard to believe how quickly time flies by.

Don't be fooled by his half-grin here. Getting that out of Mr. Crabbypants took FOREVER!

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Lola said...

You know, I always find myself hoping the same thing - that the kids will grow out of this or that behavior soon. And then I had this frightening glimpse of the future over Easter - LOL.

We were having Katy take a pic of our family, and we could NOT get Jesso to smile to save her life. It was all, "I don't WANT to smile. I don't WANT to take pictures!" Frustrating... My thoughts were pretty much, "I cannot WAIT until she gets out of this stage."

Then it was my turn to take pics of Katy's family, including her teenage kids. And guess what... it was all, "I don't WANT to smile." "I don't WANT to take pictures." "Pictures are STUPID." Aaaahhh!!!! :)