Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toddler Fashion

Just wanted all of you to see how fashionable our little toddler can be. :) I had originally planned for all of these to be individual posts - but I got busy and never posted them. So here it is, all rolled into one!

1. Nothing like a good pair of bibs and one boot for doing some dirty farm work.

2. My Godmother went to Sydney, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

3. Ear protectors for the smallest and finest for use on the biggest and loudest.

4. Whipping out his flip flops today. I honestly thought he'd hate wearing them. He didn't - small victory for Mommy!


Jennifer said...

Eek! Those flip-flops are cute! Also, I've been wondering what his ear protectors looked like. Dad has mentioned them from time to time. For some reason, I was expecting them to be yellow.

Jennifer said...

Ooh! Also, I spy Sophie. She's such a freak!