Sunday, September 12, 2010

Becoming Mom

I'm not new to this mom thing. I did it with Isaac. But learning to juggle two of them has been interesting. Of course, I don't remember every little thing about having a newborn, but the hardest part for me is dividing my time between my two little boys. Most days, I don't think I do a terrible job. I know Owen only needs me to eat, cuddle, etc. but he still spends most of his time sleeping, which makes spending time with Isaac easy. However, Isaac has noticed that I'm taking just a little bit of his time, and has been relentless with his whining, tantrum throwing, and all out crying. His demands aren't much, "mommy, rock you; mommy, hold you; mommy, lay by you" but they are all things he wants done when Owen is screaming his head off. It makes me feel bad to watch him struggling to come to terms with what just happened to his life {thanks preg-o hormones}, but I know someday they will be the best of friends and someday Isaac will be too busy playing with Owen to give Mommy the time of day {which, by the way, sometimes makes me feel even WORSE for not being able to hold him or rock him...I know he won't want that forever either!}.

There is no question that Isaac loves his little brother. He proudly announces his name to others, cuddles, and kisses him, but he just doesn't understand why mommy has to be shared. Here's hoping he learns soon, because it has really been a challenge for my big mommy heart.

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