Thursday, October 14, 2010


In addition to the gross TICK incident last week, Blake and I have killed FOUR spiders, their bodies the size of quarters {do not include the legs}, this week IN OUR HOUSE. Sick, sick, sick.

What kind of house did I move into?! I'm having flashbacks to that movie, Arachnaphobia. Freaky.


Lola said...

I think the spiders are on the move indoors to keep warm. They should go find their own place!! We've had quite a few around here, too, lately but luckily they've been outside. I still don't like seeing them around, though, because they're pretty good-sized, and I think they're brown recluse, since they kinda look like the pics I've seen with that violin-y shape pattern on their abdomens - yikes!!!

I'm actually looking forward to some good hard freezing to hopefully kill some of those things!

Jennifer said...

Yikes, Lola! Brown recluse?! Scary! This is going to sound like an urban legend, but it's totally true...One of my coworker's friends was bitten by a brown recluse spider and ended up having to get a double lung transplant. No joke.