Saturday, April 30, 2011

8 months

Even though I feel as though Owen's first 8 months have just sped past in the blink of an eye, this is really such a fun age.  Watching him grow has been awesome.  Observing the ever-growing bond between him and Isaac is beautiful.  Lately, he's really starting to show his personality.  He's much more laid back than his brother, but he does cute-spunky things all the time.  He'll often just babble with Isaac, or to himself, or to the stacking cups he loves so much.  He discovered his boy parts a little over a month ago, but now, he'll mischievously laugh at his discovery {every diaper change}.  Speaking of diapers, he hates them.  He'd rather be naked.  Whenever he's fussing with Daddy, and thus handed over to Mommy, he'll instantly look at Dad with a giant grin.  I love when he tucks his head down on my shoulder with his face under my chin, and smiles, when he's greeted by strangers.  I love that he looks like a little mini version of my Grandfather in Taiwan.  I love that he scrunches up his face and exhales all the time, just to be a goof. And he generally doesn't seem to be all that interested in doing anything but sitting and watching.  He's a food lover {especially fruit, and his puffs, and his Baby Mum Mums},  still our little snuggle bug, fascinated with anything Isaac is doing, a little bit of a drama king {Divo #2}, and we just love him SOOOOOO much.


linnea paulina said...

Your son is so so cute! Happy 8 months!

Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...!

I love reading updates about your kids! I hope you're all doing well!