Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hair cut Friday

This week is family hair cut week.  My appointment is on Friday.  I've had a love-hate relationship with hair cuts.  What happens is every time we visit Taiwan, I get a rockin' hair style.  I love it.  Modern and easy.  I like it so much, I just want to continue with the same hairstyle when I get home, but inevitably, my hair ends up just......boring.  I know I have thick hair, and hair that doesn't hold curl, but is it so much to ask for a cute hair cut?  The Taiwanese hair stylist, David, just has the magic touch. 


So.....I'm going to just attempt something similarly different all-together.  My last rockin' Taiwanese hair cut from 2008 is just a happy memory.  Which cut do you like best? {Vote in the poll to the right! --->} Or, if you have suggestion for a different style, please share! :)



MsAmanda said...

I had #4 and it was a major pain in the ass. Just not right for my hair type (fine, but a lot of it). And you need paste or some typeo f product like that to get the ends to work.

Julie said...

I don't know what to tell you Becky - I think all of the haircuts are always amounts to the stylist and their product. Recently, I picked a hairstyle out of a book and said "I want that one" turns out it's the same one I had a couple of years ago. I ALWAYS come home and find out that I can't style it the same way. I need to insist that the stylist not turn me away from the mirror and ask them their technique. Although in their defense, I had pinkeye the last time I got my hair cut and I couldn't make out anything from apple butter. I vote for #1.